Puna Gardens is a small family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our current focus is on producing Heart of Palm. We dependably sell top quality product, cut fresh and shipped promptly.
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What is Heart of Palm?

The edible portion of a palm is the terminal bud, or growing tip of the palm tree. This is commonly referred to as the heart and is harvested by cutting the tree and removing the fibrous leaf sheaths until only the center is left, a crunchy-creamy cylindrical portion. Read more about heart of palm »

Why Order from Us?

Each time Puna Gardens takes the role of the customer, we expect honest treatment, and the best quality possible for our money. It is this ethical philosophy that we apply to our customers. We dependably sell top quality products cut fresh and shipped promptly. We take pride in our work and we make an effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Simply put, we don’t put anything in the box we wouldn't eat!
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