About Puna Gardens

Puna Gardens is a small family farm, owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Richard (Rick) Worley and Mary Ryan.

Photo of our palm trees

While we have grown several crops over the years, all with decent success, we are now concentrating on growing Hearts of Palm. We have about 18,000 palms in the ground, or close to 12 acres. When we harvest our palms, we ensure they are clean, wrapped in food grade plastic and shipped FedEx to our customer’s door. This means the palms reach their destination as fresh as possible, giving our customers maximum shelf life. Refrigerated and protected from drying out, we have kept Hearts of Palm in very good shape for over two weeks without problem.

Our farm consists of 20 acres located on the Big Island of Hawaii in beautiful “downtown” Kurtistown, a small town that sits on the slopes of Mauna Loa at an elevation of 900ft. This handily puts us right below the rain belt and right above the sun belt, a perfect atmosphere for steady and often flourishing growth. Our palms thrive in the rocky, volcanic soil of this area, producing a sweet, tasty, delectably fresh and crunchy white meat.

There was a little time spent in the planning and organizational stage but Puna Gardens officially came together in 1984. We started cultivating Hearts of Palm in four years ago, in 2004.

As Rick puts it, “I’m about the tallest person making Hearts of Palm that I know of!” In all seriousness, however, we like to approach things with a can-do attitude. We appreciate our regular customers and do our best to accommodate their needs. In exchange for this valuable customer loyalty, we treat our customers respect and a willingness to go the extra mile if needed. Further, we are able to supply stability of our product. Already we readily support our regular orders of approximately 200 pounds a week, and have the base to easily sustain orders of 400 to 500 pounds a week.

Each time Puna Gardens take the role of the customer, purchasing farm supplies or what have you, we expect honest treatment and the best quality possible for our money. It is this ethical philosophy that we, in turn, apply to our customers. We dependably sell only top quality products at all times, product that is cut fresh and shipped promptly. We take pride in our work and we make an effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Simply put, we don’t put anything in the box we wouldn’t eat!