Heart of Palm

Assorted heart of palm

What is Heart of Palm?

The edible portion of a palm is the terminal bud, or growing tip of the palm tree. This is what is commonly called the heart and is harvested by cutting the tree and removing the fibrous leaf sheaths until only the center is left, a crunchy-creamy cylindrical portion. The palm variety that we grow is called Bactris gasipae, a clumping palm. There are new palm shoots growing from the root mat continuously replacing any mature palms that have been harvested. This is very important because it allows for a sustainable supply of palm hearts.

What do you use heart of palm for?

Why it’s the common cure-all, of course! Better than snake oil! But all kidding aside, Heart of Palm is good raw or cooked, alone or in recipes. We have been doing a lot of experimenting with heart of palm. We have added it to many sauces and stir fry dishes and have found that it is easy to overwhelm, especially with onion. If you really like the flavor of the palm heart, it’s best to go light on the onions. We have used them on pizza, in omelet’s and, of course, salad. If you want delicious Chicken Hekka, add palm. This works for curries, chutneys, and salsa as well. We have also been baking the entire heart wrapped in aluminum foil, with various herbs included. Finally, and this may surprise you, Heart of palm upside down cake came out great! We plan on getting a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the next cake a little fancier.

Chopped Heart of Palm with chicken and basil

Who uses your heart of palm?

Anybody who’s anybody uses our hearts of palm! However, the propensity for offering dishes with Hearts of Palm as a defining ingredient is definitely dominated by fine dining restaurants. These restaurants and the top rated chefs that run them are our biggest customer base for Hearts of Palm.

 Heart of palm medallion

Where can I find more information about heart of palm?

You don’t need to look any further. This website is the end-all, catch all of information on Hearts of Palm! Of course, you could always read the Wikipedia article about hearts of palm for more info.