Ordering Information

We harvest our palms and ship them as quickly as possible. They will be clean, wrapped in food grade plastic and shipped via FedEx to your door. If they remain protected from drying out and refrigerated, we have kept them in good shape for over two weeks without problem. The Bactris variety that we grow has a lower level of calcium oxalate, which results in less browning of the shoots.

Cost and Shipping

Our palm hearts are harvested and refrigerated immediately to ensure freshness. They will arrive via FedEx 2nd-day Air. Our price for the hearts is $13.00 a pound. We suggest a larger order to help the product remain cooler in transit.

Minimum Orders

The minimum order amount is 5lbs. We do not have a retail outlet for public purchase, but we are happy to fulfill orders for local chefs and kama'aina. Hawaii Island residents please contact us about alternative delivery options!

How to Order

You can order directly by phone, during our business hours of 8am to 6pm, Hawaii Standard Time. Our direct line is 808-966-6993. You can e-mail us with an order request, please include a phone number and shipping address. We encourage you to plan a little ahead for your palm needs, as most orders take 3 days to arrive. We harvest the palm hearts, wrap them in food grade plastic and chill them overnight, then ship them 2nd day air. For retail venders, we will pre-wrap the hearts in small, edible portions at your request.

We accept cash, checks, and money orders. For debit and credit cards please email orders@punagardens.com