Where can I find more information about heart of palm?
You don’t need to look any further. This website is the end-all, catch all of information on Hearts of Palm! Of course, you could always read the Wikipedia article about hearts of palm for more info.

(Dawn suggests we could just put in a few links to some of their favorite sites, sites that might answer how many type of palms are edible, what elevation they grow at, what fertilizer they like, the fact that they come from Peru and were developed in the 50’s by a guy in Brazil who came up with a thornless variety great for eating, etc. Mary says Equador has a lot and that USA ID did project there, planting all these palms, only to have the government not be able to keep up the road maintenance as agreed. Any chance we can get some of this information?)

Who sells/serves your heart of palm?
Our Hearts of Palm is featured across the country in many outstanding restaurants. Examples include:

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Big Island, HI

Couldn't find listings for any of these: McCandless Seattle (?), Boss Street (Tweeds?) restaurant in New York, Bellut restaurant in Florida. If you are an individual looking for a retail outlet, let us direct you to the produce department of Island Naturals where you will find our fresh Hearts of Palm in small, edible portions.

Who uses your heart of palm?
Anybody who’s anybody uses our hearts of palm! However, the propensity for offering dishes with Hearts of Palm as a defining ingredient is definitely dominated by fine dining restaurants. These restaurants and the top rated chefs that run them are our biggest customer base for Hearts of Palm.